Welcome to the Revolution

First, we would like to thank you all for your continued support!! We would not be here forging the future without this amazing community behind us and the outpouring of support from other projects and organizations. We are very grateful for this opportunity, and we’re excited to develop and deliver a Next-Gen blockchain gaming experience.

Before we go into those details, we would like to acknowledge that it has been a long road to get to this point, with a lot of emotion and turbulence along the way. The old team is no longer with the project and have left us with minimal funding and missing pieces to the puzzle. I won’t go into much detail on that here, as most of you know the events that transpired and that the 2 previous founders did not have the community’s best interest in mind at the end of the day. We are now moving forward, and we have a new group, from within the community, leading the charge to rebuild and revolutionize the future of Apymon and the NFT / Blockchain Gaming Industry. We have made great progress over the last 35 days or so and we would like to outline where we’re at and what the future looks like. Here is an updated Roadmap for the 3rd and 4th Quarters of 2021.

We’re currently in full redesign phase with the new characters of the game and have already finalized 2 of the 4 base model designs for our new warrior NFT’s. We have procured a team of artists that specialize in gaming design and models along with possibly the best surface designer I have ever seen (same artist that did the Genesis Eggs). These amazing artists are working in coordination with our team to create something truly special and unique. The new models are taking some time though, as these will be Game Ready for use in our game and won’t require any major modifications or redesign due to the special surfaces and texture our team of artists are using, such as blockout, lowpoly, highpoly, game mesh and bake. We have the final base model for Warriors 1 & 2 that should be done in the coming days and we will start the “surfacing” process once received, with the remaining 2 base models to be finalized and ready for surfacing in the next 2–4 weeks. Our goal is to have all these ready to mint by and of Q3 2021. Below is a sneak peak at our first rendering of the Cat Base DNA Warrior. Enjoy!

In the meantime, we are planning to release a “placeholder” NFT that will give you all something sexy in your wallet to replace those nasty GAN’s and you’ll all have the ability to download the USDz file to use in the real world via Augmented Reality. We have already played around with it and its super fun!! Hope you all like it and use it until we finalize and distribute the new Warriors. These will be out in the next 10–14 days via a MetaData update. Likely a Meme contest coming for this soon as well!

We are also making some very slight adjustments to the Rarity levels of the Warriors. Previous creatures were split into only 2 categories of rarity, Rare & Legendary. We are going to add a 3rd class and restructure the counts as follows: Rare: 6166 / Legendary: 218 / Ultra: 20. This matches the Egg rarity levels, with exception of the Ultra’s, which we are adding 4 very special Warriors and Eggs to the overall supply. These 4 will be auctioned off in the future to raise funds for the game development. I think we can all agree…we do not currently have the funds to develop what we envision. These 4 additional Eggs and Warriors will allow us to make progress towards that goal, but only after we have delivered you replacements to your creatures. The new Warriors will have performance attributes as well, creating additional rarities, that will tie into the performance of each Warrior when in Battle (ie power, health, speed, agility, intelligence and others).

To give some shape to the upcoming Apymon: Revolution Game, envision this: Your Warriors are in a pay to play game that has a prize(s) generated from the entry fees. The Battle is set in the most notorious battlefield in the history of man, The Coliseum! A very futuristic Apymon Coliseum, think Zed-like graphics (futuristic). The Warriors are fighting for the revolution after being disowned and left to die by the original creators of Apymon. We will have 1v1, 2v2 and larger Battle Royales for you to enter your Warriors into and they’ll fight to the death. We are also developing weapons that will have a limited airdrop to the community, with a larger supply being released in 2 stages in the 4th Quarter of 2021. Your Warrior will be able to carry and use these weapons in Battle. There will be 3–5 classes of weapons, ranging from Common to Ultra Rare and they will be released to the community for purchase. There will also be healing expeditor packs and various other items that will be developed to tie into the game and generate revenue to evolve and maintain the game for years to come. The Eggs will be very important as well, as your Warrior will be damaged once leaving Battle and will need to heal. You must have an Egg to heal your Warrior after Battle, or he cannot go back into the Arena to fight. The multiplier on the Egg will determine the time in which it takes to heal your Warrior, proportionate to the multiplier displayed in properties. We will set a baseline and that will be the 1x time to heal, and faster for higher multipliers…giving your Warriors quicker return to the battlefield, winning battle prizes and having FUN! More details to follow…

As you can see, we’re very excited about the future of Apymon: Revolution and we hope you are too!! Stay tuned for additional details, contests, giveaways, and more exciting news about our future. We’re just getting started!

In closing, we would like to again thank all of you, the Apymon: Revolution community! We could not have made it this far without a community willing to give this project a second chance anchored by leadership that wants what is best for the project and the community alike. We believe we will make you proud and deliver something you will all use, love and appreciate.

Join our Community:

Discord: https://discord.gg/fBwKCDnWU5

Twitter: @apymonrev





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