Update on the Revolution

How it’s Going

Hey Everyone — First, we’d like to thank you all, the Revolution, for your continued support and comradery during the redesign and launching of this project. We know it is a slow burn and we’re working as quickly as we can while maintaining the quality we’ve promised on the budget we have to work with. Those of you who have supported us in Discord and on Twitter are the core of this community and we value your suggestions and support immensely. Afterall, this is a community project that is truly being run by members from within this amazing community. We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve this project and those of you who have stuck it out with us!

Since the last update, we have expanded the team a bit as well. We’ve hired a new full time Developer, @dropacid, and he is leading the charge to build out the new contracts on Polygon and Web3 integration with our new Full Stack Web Developer and local bot expert, @reapurr, who is helping us build out a new website for relaunch. These guys have a pedigree in their respective industries and have proven results in their products. We couldn’t have been happier when they agreed to come on board and help us carry Apymon forward.

We’ve got to also give a mountain of credit to our Artists for their incredible efforts designing these eye-popping new Warriors. They’re an amazing and patient team that listens to our feedback and exceeds our expectations every step of the way. We could not deliver these new Warriors without their tireless efforts to knock this out of the park with us. We are certainly grateful for their hard work!

So, the Warriors right! We’ve already revealed the Cat & Ape in previous posts but will include them below, in case you forgot how freaking awesome they are. We are also super excited to release the ALL-NEW Beast Warrior! Below, we outline some of the traits that will be both physical and performance Based. These are subject to change, as we may add some additional traits over the coming weeks, but this will give you an idea of what to expect. Well with out further delay…please feast your eyes on the BEAST!



Here are the Rarity Categories that are currently being planned. There are some limitations when tying the Warrior designs to the Egg designs, so we had to create some additional categories to provide those rarity levels that were previously not considered.

Warrior Distribution Rarity:

1. Ape (Ultra) — 404

2. Beast (Legendary) 1000

3. Cat (Rare) — 1500

4. Unknown (Common) — 3500

Performance Traits:

5. Speed

6. Intelligence

7. Strength

8. Endurance

9. Luck

Other Rarities:

· Eyes = Angry (310 Total, Red), Sad (550, Blue), Zombie (210 Total, Green) , Normal (5304)

· Armor = Diamond (30), Gold (70), Silver (304), Leather (1000), Without Armor (5000)

· Body Weapon = Cats & Unknown will have this rarity.

· Specially Finished Surfaces = Gold, Silver, Bronze — these 3 are rare and all others are common.

· Sensor Capability or 6th Sense — Capability of sensing the danger.

· Quantities to be determined on some of these.

Looking Forward

We’re excited to continue preparing for the Revolution and we hope that you are too! We have the 4th and final Warrior reveal coming in a couple of weeks and are very excited for that. We have the new website relaunch coming, the contracts being written and all the pieces of the puzzle coming together. Once we begin final rendering the 6404 Warriors in a few weeks, we will also begin working with our Artists to design and render the Weapons. Those will be distributed through giveaways and sales events that will be staggered to not saturate the market too fast too soon. Once we can secure funding via these sales and OpenSea royalties, we will be able to begin working on the Beta Game design. We’re also in talks with a couple of Metaverse projects to collaborate and build out an Apymon space and we’re super excited about that! There will be some time required for rigging, but that is also something we’re looking to have done in the 1stQ of 2022, if all things go as planned. A lot of work to do, but we’re committed to getting the job done and delivering value at every stage, from product design to implementation.

Please join our community, hang out, follow us on Twitter and let us know what you think. Thank you all and we hope to see you around in the community.

Team Apymon: Revolution

Oh….one last thing for those of you who read all the way to the end…remember we are adding 4 more Eggs and 4 more Warriors to the total count? We wanted to give you a sneak peak at the very special, Rising Phoenix Egg.





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